Praise for California Apartments

California Apartments are great.  Jimmy and I love it here and all our friends know how much.  They take very good care of the grounds as if they were caring for there own at there home.  Great parties, pool and hot tub in the Summer!  Card games on Wednesday, they are the best staff!  Also tennis court and kiddie swings, it’s great.  We have been here for 13 years.  The Best so forget the rest!

Resident Testimonial: The Reeders

We’ve been here five years. Amy and her staff are the best. When we have work needed we call and they take care of it right away. They are about keeping the property clean and nice and the only way to continue that is to keep the right amount of staff.

I would also like to say that when they have those events like the breakfast day, spaghetti dinners, etc. they are very nice. The events are like having a get together with family because they make you feel at home and treat you like family.

So please keep my staff of ladies and maintenance guys cause they are what makes this the place feel like home to us. They are great!

Phyllis & Stanley

California Apartments

Resident Testimonial: The Alexanders

Carl and I would like to take a moment to express to you and your staff how much we enjoy being part of the California Apartments community.

You and your team do a great job maintaining each unit and the grounds while insuring that the residents of this community feel safe here. Our neighborhood watch team is great and are another added benefit for being part of the California Apartments community.

Your office staff is amazing. They’re professional, courteous, friendly and helpful. The smiling young lady who takes care of the housekeeping responsibilities when there’s vacancies is also very friendly, she’s always smiling.

The painter doesn’t say much. However; he’s friendly and says hello then away he goes to get the vacant apartments painted and turned over.

We especially noticed and appreciate the job well done all around Amy after Hurricane Sandy, the cleaning, painting and replacement of the downed trees and the wonderful pool area make-over “it looks great and we love it”! Hey, and the yearly power washing is another bonus for being part of this great community.

John and his team really does an outstanding job keeping the property pristine while attending to residents requests, needs or concerns with a sense of humor and a smile. He and his team work tirelessly keeping the property looking great and attending to all of the residents repair needs.

Amy, you and John are the nuts, bolts and glue to the California Apartments community. The commitment you guys have to this property/community is noticed, respected and appreciated, keep up the excellent work!

Resident Testimonial: The Campbells

We have lived at California Apartments for 11 years. We are very happy here. The staff and maintenance are very nice. Whenever there is something to fix, they take of it that day or ASAP. We love the pool and the grounds are kept very well. We feel safe here at all times. Amy and staff also make sure all our needs are met. They always have fun parties and find fun things to do at them. We enjoy living here and we plan to stay.